Dropbox: File Sharing Made Easy

Looking for a dependable way to share files with your students?  Need a place where your students can upload their portfolios?  Or maybe you’d like something to replace the STV 250 folders that will also work with your home computer?  I recommend Dropbox.  (Click on for a quick how-to video about installing it.)

For advice on advanced features (such as how to set up your folders so that each student has access to only specific assignment folders), please Contact Ryan.

Or, check out these videos:

Four Killer Dropbox Tips

Dropbox is the thumb drive you’ll never leave at home…and the one you can access from your smartphone.  This video shows how to maximize your file syncing.

Top Five Dropbox Tips and Tricks

This is the looong intro to Dropbox (16 minutes) with ads, but it’s very thorough.  Shows how to open an account, add folders, and then share those folders.  I highly recommend this video if you plan on teaching with Dropbox.  It not only shows how to make Dropbox work, but they also discuss the mistakes that happen (like what to do if a student deletes a file from their Dropbox folder…and then the file gets deleted from your computer, too…)

Lifehacker: Top 10 Clever Uses for Dropbox

Want to print at home from far away?  Want to host a webpage off your computer?  These are some neat tricks you might try out.