ReggieNet Site Editor – Crucial Admin Tasks

Here’s a list of basic administrative tasks you’ll want to address using the Site Editor tool in ReggieNet.

Publishing Your Site

Your ReggieNet site isn’t visible to your students until you’ve published it.  Although many instructors believe in “getting everything ready” before making their sites visible to their students, every semester I get at least one or two people saying “my students can’t see my ReggieNet site!”  Thus, I recommend publishing early.  Maybe post your syllabus, the first week of assignments, and an announcement or two, and then publish.

CTLT Video: Publishing Your Site

Adding Participants

Student Roster

Will you need to access your student roster much?  Probably not.  The registrar automatically adds students to your ReggieNet site based on registration.  If you have a student who simply cannot access your course, make sure he or she is listed in your roster.  If you don’t see the name there, then this student is most likely not registered for your course – and this student will need to go to the registrar immediately (as in yesterday) to get things fixed.

Adding Your Consultants

If you teach 101.10, then you will need to manually add your consultants to your ReggieNet course.  I recommend doing this first thing, even before you’ve published the site.  Since your consultants will have some admin privileges, they’ll be able to add in some materials before the site “goes live.”  Also, they’ll need extra time to look around, practice with the tools, and simply become familiar with ReggieNet.

CTLT Video: Adding Participants

Selecting Your Site Tools

Customizing Your Tools

You can customize your tools using the Site Editor.  This is relatively easy and very helpful for your students – basically, you can add in some of the “extra” tools that most instructors don’t use, or you can reduce confusion by removing those tools which your students won’t need.

Remember This General Rule: Remove Tools You Won’t Use

CTLT Video: Course Tools

Its sometimes hard to choose which tools to keep and which to remove and which ones to try out.  To simplify things, here’s a quick list of decisions that every instructor should make before publishing his or her ReggieNet Course:

Course Mail – Yes or No?

Learn More about the Course Mail and Email Tools

Every semester, I have a student ask me why I haven’t replied to a message sent on ReggieNet.  This is because I never use ReggieNet to send out e-mails – I ask my students to use my university e-mail and Facebook.  To avoid confusion, I should simply remove the Course Mail tool from my ReggieNet sidebar.

On the other hand, some instructors prefer receiving all their student messages in one place that’s separate from personal e-mail.  ReggieNet is great for this – just remember that you’ll need to check your ReggieNet course mail regularly.


Discussions or Discussion Forums?

Learn more about Discussions vs Discussion Forums

ReggieNet offers two tools for leading online discussions, the Discussions tool and the Discussion Forums tool.  To avoid confusion, I recommend only using one of these two tools.