ReggieNet Syllabus and Course Materials

A major advantage of ReggieNet is that you won’t need to depend on your students keeping track of all your paper handouts.  Instead, you can post your syllabus and other course materials online, and they’ll remain always available and always organized.

Uploading Your Syllabus to ReggieNet

The Syllabus link in your left-hand menu is one of the most important tools available to your students – it also happens to be right at the top, just under the heading Course Information, so it’s also the easiest tool to find.

I recommend using this as a kind of “home base” for your students – by posting your course policies and schedule here, you’ll make it so students will know the one place they need to go when they have questions about what’s coming up in the course.  (The alternative, of course, is simply posting everything in the assignments and discussion forums, and hence using the ReggieNet calendar.  This, too, can work, but a syllabus overview is often easier on the eyes and more “real” for students.)

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Resources and Materials: The Place for Daily Handouts

The Resources and Materials link is on the left in the Learning Activities and Assessments section.  With this tab, you can sort your handouts into folders for easy reference.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also set up this folder as an network drive on your computer – this way, you can just drag-and-drop files from your hard drive into your ReggieNet folders.

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