Spring Summit on Writing Instruction and Professional Development!

Spring Writing Summit Schedule

Friday, January 11, 2013

Time Event
8:30-9:00 Breakfast & Welcome

STV 401

9:00-9:20 Program Updates

STV 401

9:30-10:20 Concurrent Session A
Panel 1 Group Peer Assessment & Contract Grading: Alternative Assessment Practices in ENG 145 & 145.13

John MacLean & Rob Rowan

STV 219

Panel 2 The Genre Studies Model and Linguistically Diverse Student Populations

Sarah Hercula

STV 220

Panel 3 “When the Shit Hits the Fan”: Trajectory in the Writing Classroom (Roundtable)

Joan Crooks, Francesco Levato, and Amy Magnifichi Lucas

STV 221 B

10:30-11:20 Concurrent Session B
Panel 1  Faking it through the Disciplines: Professionalization & the Charlatan

Arwa Malaibari

STV 219

Panel 2 Using the GWRJ in ENG 101 & 145 (Roundtable)

Sarah Hercula, Chamere Poole, and Emily Johnston

STV 220

Panel 3 Articulating Awareness: Helping Students and Instructors Identify Antecedent Genre Knowledge through Preliminary Assessment

Kayla Bruce & Laurenn Jarema

STV 221 B

11:30-12:20 Concurrent Session C
Panel 1 CHAT in ENG 145 & 145.13

Meghann Meeusen & Kellie Sharp-Hoskins

STV 219

Panel 2 Discussion in the Writing Classroom (Roundtable)

Elizabeth Williams, Susan George, & Dustin Grayson

STV 220

Panel 3 Ramping up the Rigor in the Writing Classroom (Roundtable)

Kate Browne & Evan Nave

STV 221 B

12:30-1:30 Lunch/Mingling

STV 401

1:30-2:50 Program Coalescence Meeting

STV 401

3:00-4:00 Breakout Groups

Location TBA





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