Critical Inquiry Meeting (Thursday, January 10th) 2013

Critical Inquiry Colloquium
Thursday, January 10, 2013
Old Main Room, Bone Student Center

10:00 a.m. Welcome Sally Parry, College of Arts and Sciences


  • John Hooker, School of Communication
  • Joyce Walker, Department of English
  • Jennifer Sharkey, Milner Library


  • Freshman Mindset list
  • Thumbnail sketches of courses: what Communication instructors can expect from ENG 101 students and English instructors can expect from COM 110 students
  • Library discussion of Spring arc
  • Ambassador Program, Application process
  • General Education Discussion:  Goals, Curricular changes, Assessment

Discussion Questions:

  • What assignments do you use that could be mapped to a goal?
  • How could you use the goals that are mapped to your course to explain learning outcomes to your students?


Members of the Critical Inquiry Committee:
Cheri Simonds, John Hooker, Kevin Meyer, School of Communication;
Joyce Walker, Nancy McKinney, Department of English;
Jennifer Sharkey, Jean MacDonald, Sharon Van Der Laan, Chris Worland, Alexis Shpall Wolstein, Milner Library;
Sally Parry, College of Arts and Sciences;
Jonathan Rosenthal, Provost’s Office.

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