GoogleDocs – Online Collaboration to the Max

GoogleDocs provide the ability to easily edit your documents anywhere, from any computer.  Better still, multiple people can edit the same document at the same time.  This makes collaboration easy and natural.  I can write a paragraph, you can write a paragraph, someone else can leave a comment asking for clarification – and there’s no need to leave the dorm room.  This is ideal for students working on group projects, and it can be further developed for classroom discussions and assignment submissions.  Be sure to read on to see two helpful videos on using GoogleDocs.

You may also enjoy reading “The Paperless Classroom with GoogleDocs” by the North Canton City Schools, which is itself an excellent example of a well-organized GoogleDoc.

How to Use GoogleDocs

GoogleDocs has recently been replaced with Google Drive, but the functions are so similar that GoogleDocs remains the common term.  If you’ve never used GoogleDocs before, the Tutorial from can get your started.

Video 1: Using GoogleDocs in the Classroom

(from Google for Educators)

This video gives an overview of specific ways you can integrate GoogleDocs within your classroom.

Video 2: How to Use GoogleDocs

(from Anson Alexander)

This video goes far more in-depth into how to create and share documents.  Very, very helpful as a crash-course in the nitty-gritty.