Coming Soon: Tech Time with Ryan!

Are you ready for technology to invade your classroom?  Well, now’s the time to get ready!  Learn to fend off Facebook, engross your students in ReggieNet discussion forums, and wow everyone with a dash of Prezi through our Tech Time Professional Development!

Already know what you want to learn?  Go straight to our Tech Time Survey to sign up for the e-mail list for individual events!

Based on our current results from the Tech Time survey, these are some of the main Tech Time presentations I’ll be preparing throughout the semester.  If you’re looking for additional topics or would like an overview of what’s available, please take our Tech Time Survey.  Or to vote on which of these listed presentations you would most like to see, visit our Facebook Fan Page.

  • ReggieNet: Sharing Documents, Submitting Assignments, and Grading
  • GoogleDocs: Sharing Documents and Collaboration
  • ReggieNet versus Facebook: Discussion Forums
  • PowerPoint and GoogleDocs: Sharing Your Awesome Presentations, Part 1
  • Prezi: Sharing Your Awesome Presentations, Part 2
  • Setting Up Your Course Blog: WordPress and Blogger
  • Assigning Students to Create Websites: Blogger and HubPages

I’ll be scheduling these events individually with those who are interested in each topic.  This way, I can better match your favorite topics to your own schedule.  To sign up for the e-mail scheduling, visit our Tech Time Survey and check the boxes for the specific technologies you’d like to learn more about.



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