Tech Time Survey – Fall 2012

Tech Time this semester will focus on classroom tasks specific to each instructor’s teaching style.  The workshops will discuss not only ways in which you can use these technologies to present material to your students, but also ways to involve your students in the creation of new materials through these electronic modalities.  So I can better customize our workshops to your classroom needs, please click Continue Reading below to fill out our Tech Time survey.  –Ryan

On this sign-up sheet, please let me know which aspects of technology you would like to incorporate in your teaching, and then I’ll schedule times for these workshops to match the availability of those who are interested.

In making your selections, note that every workshop will be open to every member of the department, but I would like to know which workshops you would definitely commit to attending.  Also, every workshop will feature activities which can be completed using software which is available for free either through the university or reputable freeware (such as Windows Live MovieMaker.)  The one exception would be workshops which involve Microsoft PowerPoint, but GoogleDocs can offer an effective alternative.


Thanks for taking the time to fill out our survey!

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