Writing Summit Schedule – Fall 2012

The complete schedule for the Fall 2012 Writing Summit – click below to see your room numbers and where to go!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012 – Required for All Instructors and 101.10 Consultants

Friday, August 17th, 2012 – Required for 101.10 Consultants, Optional for All Other Instructors.

The ReggieNet Training Session with Mayuko Nakamura from CTLT will be Friday the 17th from 1:30-3:30 p.m.  Be sure to RSVP on Facebook so we know how many to expect.

Fall 2012 Summit: Presentations – Schedule

Thursday, August 16, 2012

*room numbers subject to change*

All Instructors (including 101.10 Consultants)

Time Event
8:30 –9:00 Breakfast/WelcomeSTV 401
9:00 –9:50 Concurrent Session A
What Does It Mean to Do Research In a Writing Class?Joyce Walker

STV 219 Using Genre Studies with ESL/EFL StudentsLisya Seloni

STV 220

Loc Piece by Piece: Scaffolding a Genre Research ApproachMeghann Meeusen

STV 221 B10:00–10:50Concurrent Session B221 A Exploring Teaching with Visual GenresLisa Phillips

STV 221 A Building Bridges: From High School to the Writing Program and Back AgainAmy Hicks and Amy Magnifichi

STV 219 Creative Nonfiction and Genre StudiesRyan Clark and Hilary Selznik

STV 22011:00–11:50Concurrent Session C Online Insurrection: Facebook and the Stevenson 250 ClassroomRyan Edel

STV 221 A So You’re Going to Be a Consultant: Q&A With Those Who Have Been ThereKathleen Daly and Karly Grice

STV 219 CHAT and Genre Studies: More than Just a MapKellie Sharp-Hoskins and Chris Mays

STV 22012:00–1:00Lunch/MinglingSTV 4011:00 –2:15Large Group Business Meeting STV 4012:15 –2:50Information Literary Assessment Q&A STV 4012:50-3:00Break3:00-4:00Breakout Groups NOTE:  If you are teaching both 101 and 145 or 145.13 choose which breakout group you’d like to meet with

Location TBA4:00 –4:30Cookies and Compliments + Professional Development Award PresentationSTV 133


Friday, August 17, 2012


Morning session required for all 101.10 Consultants

Afternoon sessions optional for all Writing Program instructors


Time Event
10:30–12:30 New ENG 101 & 101.10 Instructor “Dress Rehearsal” (This will be a session where we practice “first day” activities.  It’s required for new 101.10 consultants, but everyone is welcome.  It would be great if more experienced instructors would attend and share their experiences).
12:30-1:30 LunchSTV 133
1:30-3:30 ReggieNet Tutorial(with Mayuko Nakamura from CTLT)STV 250 (?)

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook so we know how many to expect.

1:30-3:30 ENG 101.10 Instructor and Consultant Planning Session (This is not a required session, but we wanted to offer an additional space for 101.10 teachers and consultants to meet and discuss the first week of class)STV 133
3:30-4:30 Experimental Teaching Group Planning Session (This is a session for instructors interested in participating in the “teaching research skills” experimental teaching group in Fall 2012).STV 133



Note 1: During the day on Friday, August 17th, there will also be “all day” availability to schedule meetings with Writing Program Assistants or Directors. A sign-up sheet will be available all day on Thursday in STV 133.

Note 2: Writing Program Assistants will be providing special services (i.e. “office-pitality”) to our valued Writing Program instructors all day. This means that the program PAs will be providing snacks and drinks to instructors in their offices as you work to prepare for the semester.  Just call our Writing Program Office Number (309) 438-1402.

Fall 2012 Summit: Presentations – Schedule