Schedule for Steve Taylor and Susana Rodriguez – Business Writing Camp

Here’s the schedule and Welcome from Steve Taylor and Susan Rodriguez:

Welcome! The purpose of this workshop is to help prepare you as a student for writing in your future business classes. This workshop is designed to give you an edge by helping students identify and overcome that can limit student success. We are going to help you develop “better thinking” to think outside the box by engaging critical thinking with our writing practices to make strong, persuasive arguments central to marketing business practices.

Read More for the schedule, or Download the Excel: SRodriguez_COBbootcamp_Taylor_workshop_strategy_3

July 11, 2012
COB Small Group Session
1:30 PM Team building introductions.
1:45 PM Unit 1: Workshop overview, writing assumptions, + case method intro.
2:00 PM
2:15 PM
2:30 PM Unit 2: Critical thinking overview, argument mapping, + assessing critical thinking.
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
3:15 PM Exercise 1: Resumes as arguments intro + research.
3:30 PM
3:45 PM Exercise 1: Construct exercise resumes in class together. Homework: Complete actual resumes applying concepts.
4:00 PM
4:15 PM
4:30 PM
July 12, 2012
COB Small Group Session
1:30 PM Exercise 2: Students search for sample codes of conduct, finding similarities + differences between them.
1:45 PM
2:00 PM
2:15 PM
2:30 PM Exercise 2: Students gather evidence + support to build their own codes of conduct, then begin writing up their own based on findings.
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
COB Large Group Session
3:30 TO 4:30 PM TBA: may be folded into small group session.
July 13, 2012 
Breakfast 9:00 TO 9:30 AM
Genre Investigations
9:30 AM TBA
9:45 AM
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
10:20 AM
Break 10:20 TO 10:30 AM
Small Group Session
10:30 AM Session devoted to finishing Codes of Conduct + practice presentations for afternoon session. Presentations will revolve around presenting an overview of their projects, their process, findings, and conclusions.
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
11:30 AM
11:45 AM
12:00 PM
12:15 PM
12:30 PM

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