Nominations for the Undergraduate Writing Research Scholarship

Hi everyone

We’re getting ready to accept applications for the Writing Program’s Undergraduate Writing Research Scholarship for fall 2012.  The following document will give provide you with a lot more details about the nomination and application process:  Undergraduate Writing Research Scholarship information 2012.

But here are the basics:

(1) We will be offering a scholarship of $250.00 to up to 6 students who have been (or currently are) enrolled in any writing program course.  Students must be nominated by an instructor (see the handout for specifics) in order to be eligible (we’ll invite them to apply once we receive your nominations).
(2) It’s easy to nominate students.  You simply send an email to me (Joyce) with the student’s name and contact information and a short paragraph about why you are nominating him/her (see the handout for more details).  We will only send invitations to apply for the scholarship to students who have been nominated by an instructor.
(3) You should definitely let your students know that you’ve nominated them.
(4) You can nominate both current and/or past students (within the last year)
(5) You can nominate up to 2 students
(6) You should nominate students who displayed a real interest in and aptitude for the kind of genre-based writing research we are trying to encourage.  They don’t necessarily have to be the strongest writers you’ve had.  They CAN be English majors, but don’t have to be — we’d like to get students from a range of disciplines, actually.

The rest of the details are in the handout, but let us know if you have questions

Joyce R Walker/ Writing Program Director / Illinois State University

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